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    Media from Recent Baptism Service

    It was a joy for our church to celebrate with Michael and Angela Murphy last week as they took the step of faithful obedience in being baptized. The service was a special reminder of God’s relentless pursuit of man and the overcoming power of His grace. Check out the links below

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    Upcoming Sermon Series

    Since we just finished our walk through the book of Colossians, you may be wondering what we will be studying next as a church. Well, after two weeks of teaching from our pastoral interns (Feb 1 and 8), we will have a baptism service, and then on March 1 we will jump

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    3 Reasons to Financially Partner with Fellowship in 2015

    Do you remember the old infomercial for the Hair Club for Men? If you do, then you remember that the man talking ends by saying, “I’m not just the president of the company…I’m also a client.” I really am blessed to be one of the pastors at Fellowship Louisville. This